In-House Treatments Service Introduction

As part of the program, Bioscor focuses on treatments to further enhance your hair regrowth. 



A regular treatment performed at our clinics aimed at ultra cleansing the scalp to remove excess sebum and to open up pores to gain maximum absorption of the products into the hair follicles. Agents to counteract the effects of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) are then deposited into the pores to stimulate hair follicular activity. A scalp massage and laser are then used to stimulate blood circulation in the scalp bringing oxygen and nutrients necessary for healthy hair regrowth.


ACI therapy is a form of regenerative medicine that utilises your own blood, where the autologous cells are extracted, concentrated and then reintroduced into the scalp for combatting hairloss. This extract is high in growth factors, further aiding in the rejuvenation of the hair follicles. This is used to kickstart/boost hair regrowth especially in stubborn areas i.e. bitemporal area or crown.