Our Program Service Introduction


Our follicle restoration program is targeted at inhibiting the cause of your hair loss and stimulating regrowth activity. The program focuses on two modalities of treatment:


  • A specially formulated topical solution to promote hair regrowth
  • Essential vitamins to prevent hair from becoming brittle and breaking easily
  • A deep-cleansing shampoo formulated to effectively remove build-up from excess sebum production and dead skin cells that can clog follicles
  • If necessary, professionally-prescribed oral medications

Our hair regrowth home kit is designed to be hassle-free and simple to use. As everybody is different, our program can be tailored to suit specific individual needs.


Our in-house treaments are aimed at kickstarting as well as boosting the hair regrowth process.

  • Highly effective treatments aimed at normalising scalp conditions
  • Clinically-approved elective treatments to boost hair regrowth using laser or other elective procecures.

The key to our program is understanding the underlying cause of your hair loss and effectively tailoring your treatment to normalise the hair regrowth cycle. Our hair doctor will strive to ensure you receive the utmost professional care from your first consultation right through to when your desired results are achieved. Please feel free to have a look at some of the results of our treatment in our photo gallery.