• Botox take 50% OFF

    Botox take 50% OFF

    Botox is botulinum toxin, is a neurotoxin that originally used in the treatment of facial muscle spasm and other movement disorders, use it to paralysis of the nerve, muscle to achieve the purpose of stop muscle spasms, was later applied to medical hairdressing.The toxin can block the nerve impulses between the nerves and the muscles, allowing the small muscles to relax and to achieve the effect of wrinkling. Or use it to temporarily paralyze the muscle, so that the muscle loses its function and atrophy, to achieve the purpose of sculpting the line, which is commonly referred to as wrinkling and thin face.

    In addition to wrinkle, the advantages of Botox are small damage, quick effect, convenient operation, low price and no impact on work.

    Botox is a nerve impulse that USES drugs to block nerves and muscles. It relaxes the muscles that shrink, paralyze the muscles that are too developed, and achieve a thin face. This type of thin - face technique can be used for non - surgical injection of thin - face needles, small trauma, quick recovery.

    The Botox is mainly targeted at masseter muscle hypertrophy. The thin face principle, after the injection, blocks nerve and muscle impulses and loosens the muscles.



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